Relaxing massage

Before the massage it’s nice to refresh, so at the beginning of the visit you have a few moments for yourself to take a shower and get ready for a massage.

After the shower we go to a comfortable mat where massage takes place. During the massage we are both naked. You can choose a massage in an hour version or 1.5 hour version. For the first erotic massage I always recommend an hour version. It is the most optimal – long enough for you to relax, but not too long.

We start a massage from the back of the body. I slowly spread the massage oil on you and massage your body – tired muscles, tense back, shoulders and neck. I slowly massage your butt and thighs, especially their inner parts… Intense techniques are interspersed with a gentle stroking, which gives you the most pleasant experience. Then we take care of the front part of your body. Now you can touch me freely and stimulate your excitement. A gentle massage of the legs, chest and stomach warms you up before the finale.

The finale can be made with hands. There is also the possibility of a massage ended with sex so that you can feel the unique closeness, passion and fully relax.

My massages are very sensual and match your expectations and mood. Experience during each massage is enhanced by the views in the mirrors and the possibility of touching my body. The whole atmosphere is complemented by relaxing music and warm candlelight.

Let erotic massage be for you a detachment from a busy everyday life. During this hour, let yourself be cut off from the outside world, turn the phone off, slow down your breath, don’t think about everyday life. Be here and now, receiving relaxation in its most beautiful form.

During the session the whole body is massaged. The purpose of the massage is not just to relieve sexual tension. Erotic massage is a ritual during which the whole body is relaxed, and the client experiences full, deep relaxation, culminating in sexual fulfillment.

During the massage there is silence, peace and atmosphere conducive to relaxation. I assure full discretion.

I do the massage naked. On request, I can put on stockings for massage.