What an erotic massage looks like?
Where does it take place? What are the variants of massage? How long does it take?
You can find full information about my massages on the links below:
About massages
First time?

I’d like to kno more about you.
What do you look like? How old are you? How long do you work as masseuse?
You can read about me HERE, and you can watch my photos HERE

Where do you work?
I work in my apartment near Cytadela (Winogrady district)
You can find more information in “Contact

Do you offer something more than just massage?
I offer relaxing massage and body to body massage. Every massage has a happy ending: handjob or sex.

Do you offer nuru massage / body to body massage?
Yes. I offer this massage in 2 variants. You can read more about that here

Do you wear lingerie or stockings during massage?
If you want, I can wear stocking during a relaxing massage. During nuru massage I am always naked.

Can I use a shower during a visit?
Yes. You can use a shower before and after massage. I provide shower gel, towels and flip-flops.

Is there any other girl working with you in your apartment?
No. I work alone.

Do you offer duo massage, together with other masseuse?

Do you offer prostate massage?
No, I dont. I can recommend other masseuse – Eliza ( [PL] elizamasaze.pl/masaz-prostaty-poznan ).

Do you offer other “ending” than a handjob?
Yes. I also offer massage with sex.

Can I cum twice during one massage, for example in the beginning and in the end?
Yes. During a 90min. massage we can have two happy endings. The first “ending” is always done with hands.

Can we take a shower together?
Yes. If you want to, we can take a shower together.

Can I give you massage during a visit?
Yes, you can 🙂

Do you do massage for women or couples?
No. I give massages only to men.

Can you visit me in my apartament or hotel room to give me massage?
No. I work only in my place.

Can I touch you during massage?
Yes. You can touch me during relaxing massages. If you choose massage with sex or body to body massage, you can also kiss my body, hug me, rub me and so on.

What do you offer during sex?
Sex and oral sex.
I don’t offer any fetish.

Do you use a condom during oral sex?
Yes. I always use a condom during sex.

Do you offer sex without a protection?
No. I always use a protection. I don’t make any exceptions.

Do you offer sex without massage?

Do you offer anal sex?