First time?

First time?
Light stress before the first erotic massage is very common. To make your first visit easier, I’m going to describe how it goes from beginning to end.

How to make an appointment?
You can book a visit by phone – by calling or (if I’m busy) by texting. Remember to make the reservation at least one day in advance. Due to the big interest in my massages, I usually do not have time at the same day.

When making a reservation, you choose a convenient date and a variant of the massage (relaxing massage or body to body massage, 1h or 1.5h, manual ending or a massage with sex). For the first massage, I recommend choosing a one-hour variant. This is the optimal duration of the massage – long enough for you to relax, but not too long. After the first massage you will be able to tell if it was too short or appropriate and choose the duration of the session for the next time more consciously.

After the phone call, I send you an address and a request to confirm your visit by text message (usually on the day of the visit before 9:00 am).

Remember to confirm your visit on time.

Come for a meeting at the agreed time. There is no need to come earlier. You will have additional time for the shower and preparation and it will not be included in the duration of the massage 🙂

You do not have to take anything with you. I provide everything you need.

When you visit me, you can be sure that it will be anonymous and discreet. You will not meet anyone in the apartment except me.

After greeting, I invite you to the room where you get your towel and flip-flops. You can leave your clothes there and go take a shower.

After the shower, we go to the mat and start the massage. Now you can relax and do not worry about anything. It’s your time to relax. If you want to relax, no one will interrupt you with conversation. If you like to talk, we can talk 🙂 Feel free and enjoy the beautiful moments …

After the massage, you have a moment to rest, shower and recover.

If you have any questions or doubts, check the section with the frequently asked questions > HERE <